Albert Pujols Plantar Facial Tear: Could it Happen to You?

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Albert Pujols Plantar Facial Tear: Could it Happen to You?

As I have previously written, plantar fasciitis is the most common

complaint which walks through my door. It does not just afflict the old or

the out of shape, but affects athletes as well.  It appears that Albert Pujols

has had an ongoing issuewith his plantar fascia.  And based on this article,

he has developed a devastating injury which may sideline him for up to a



But really how bad is a plantar fascial tear?  Well honestly I would be

surprised if Albert misses a year.  Commonly plantar fascia can tear after

multiple cortisone injections and by many I mean five or more in the

course of less than six months.  A large strain on the fascia such as after a

big fall or in ahyperextension of the foot may also lead to a tear.  Otherwise,

it is a fairly uncommon injury and I have only seen a few cases in over 17

years of practice.


However if your fascia has actually torn what happens?  First its going to

hurt.  A lot.  Initially it will be black and blue and swollen and treatment

may be started with ice and immobilization.  But likely over the

course of a few weeks or months the pain should resolve.  And if you had

plantar fasciitis prior to a tear, it should also resolve.  Because essentially a

tear of the fascia CAN mimic surgery for plantar fascial surgery where the

fascia is released.  There is a chance however that the fascia may still need

to be fully released depending on the extent of the tear.  Rarely would I

expect this to be repaired or sewn together.

If you think you may have a plantar fascial tear, or plantar fasciitis, please call.  We are here to help!


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